The most popular pizza recipes

Best Ever Taco Pizza

This really is the best taco pizza...ever. It's topped with refried beans, cheese, romaine, crumbled tortilla chips, and the icing on the cake, er pie — homemade ranch.

California Pizza Kitchen's BBQ Chicken Pizza Copycat

Using ready-made dough, store-bought barbecue sauce and rotisserie or leftover cooked chicken, this restaurant-style copycat pie comes together in no time.

Detroit pizza

Detroit pizza was created when someone started using metal trays, that originally held small factory parts, to cook this square, deep-dish pizza. It’s similar to Chicago deep-dish, because this pizza style is incredibly thick and has tomato sauce on top.

The most exclusive pizza recipes
Parmesan Pizza Sticks

These may look like ordinary breadsticks on the outside, but inside, they’re stuffed with your favorite pizza ingredients like mozzarella and pepperoni. Made in 30 minutes, these breadsticks are so easy to make, they’ll be making a regular appearance your parties and game day gatherings.

Multigrain Pizza Recipe

Make the base from scratch with whole wheat flour, oats, maize flour and nutrient-dense seeds. Top it up with some mushrooms or whatever you like. Make this multigrain pizza at home and indulge guilt-free!

Zucchini, Potato, and Fontina Pizzettas

These lovely and simple little pizzas are a welcome change of pace from the usual red-sauce pie.

The most amazing facts about pizza
Tomatoes Weren't Always a Crucial Component

Pizza was around long before European explorers first brought tomatoes back from the New World in the late 1500s, but they eventually made their way onto pizzas and became an essential component of the pies we know today.


A variation on the turnover pizza theme, whose pocket is stuffed with your favourite ingredients: from salted meats to mozzarella cheese, where they keep warm and oozy for much longer.

The united states eats 350 slices of pizza every second

Americans love pizza in fact so much so that we eat about 100 acres of pizza everyday according to the National Association of Pizza operators. That’s a whopping 350 slices every second!

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